Are you ready to turn up the volume on World Peace?

If you want to join us and start uploading your own focused Love and Peace to the grid (also known as field or matrix) that connects us all, I first of all want to thank you directly from my heart to yours. Thank you!

But first a warning; if you are quite happy with the concept of believing in World Peace on a part-time basis, because you at the same time believe that suffering is acceptable, necessary as part of God’s/our Soul’s plan for us (therefore making everything that happens in the World ‘perfect’), or unavoidable then this is not for you.  If you however, like me, used to be a ‘part-time believer’ or, again like me, have done this already for many years amongst ‘part-time believers’ and need a bit of inspiration in order to turn up the volume on World Peace, or if this is all ‘a bit new’ to you but you know within yourself that you want to commit to World Peace 100% then this could perhaps be for you.

I myself do my focused uploading most days between 18:00 and 20:00, some times just 15 minutes and some times an hour. I then always tune in to the World Meditation Days at 18:30 to 19:30 (GMT) the first Sunday at the New Moon, and at the Full Moon every month. Some times I invite friends along and some times I upload alone.

Research suggests that you only need √ of 1 % of a population uploading their Love and Peace before they start affecting their environment with positive results. You also see bigger and better results in line with increasing numbers of people participating – it is a case of ‘the more the merrier’. So needless to say that I really recommend starting up as many ‘focused uploading groups’ as possible – it is as simple as gathering your friends around for a cup of tea.  You just need the following ground rules in order to turn up the volume on World Peace:

  • Check within that you prefer World Peace to suffering and that you no longer believe that suffering is acceptable, necessary or unavoidable. Invite friends along that have also let go of all their beliefs that support suffering. I know this is the tricky part but this is absolutely vital as you need to ensure that not 1 percent, not 1 molecule of you or your group will be working against achieving World Peace whilst you are uploading. It is all about turning up the volume now – half      hearted, and part-time good intentions are not enough if you really want to do something and are serious about World Peace!
  • Find your own uploading method that works for you (and your group). If it means swirling around, singing out aloud, playing an instrument, chanting quietly or meditating with music (check out my Meditation page for inspiration) or meditating peacefully on a Mantra such as TM then do it – as long as it quickly results in   you feeling Love and Peace or simply you feeling at Peace.
  • Remember it is about feeling Love and Peace not sending out Love and Peace. The moment we start sending something or pray for something, we confirm with the Universe that whatever we are sending or praying for is not here, not at its destination, it doesn’t exist here or there, and it is therefore not manifested – who knows if it will ever arrive. Instead, by simply feeling Love and Peace you are uploading directly on to the grid/field/matrix.

Then, to turn up the volume further, see if you can feel the feeling; of how it feels to live in a Loving and Peaceful World. Feel the feeling of how it feels when every human being on this planet is feeling Love and Peace; how would it feel like to wake up each day, safe in the knowledge that no human being would hurt another human being? How would it feel like, to wake up each day, safe in the knowledge that we all wake up choosing Love over fear, that we all have the energy to create loving relationships, to develop our physical, emotional and spiritual abilities to incredible heights, and to advance science to mind-blowing levels? How would that feel like? – think it, see it and feel that feeling.

  • We are always, and at any time, connected to the grid/field/matrix and so we are therefore always uploading. I see the grid as gold coloured photons, others see it as waves, others feel it and some simply know it is there but the bottom-line is that we are always connected because of it.  But remember not to take the opportunity to beat yourself up over all the time when you are going about your daily life and you are not feeling Love or Peace. The Truth must out so if you      are feeling fearful, hateful, resentful, worthless or any other anti-love emotions – let it out and release it immediately. Suppressing anti-love emotions makes anti-love grow and this makes us ill. There are always enough people uploading Love and Peace to allow for us to feel anti-love emotions now and then so feel it, release it and then tune in to Love and Peace. Soon you will be able to feel less and less anti-love and more and more Love and Peace.
  • Enjoy every moment.
  • Tweak here and there if tweaking is necessary – whether it be method, venue, timings etc.
  • Then do it all again – the sooner the better.

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