HeleneMarie WordPress

Hello Fellow Earth Sister, Earth Brother and Earth Person,

I am HeleneMarie – a dedicated Love Activist; Truth Devotee, Straight-Talker,
Spiritually Conscious Path Wanderer, Human Rights & Gender Equality Votary,
Life Explorer, Science Venerator, Eco Enthusiast, Writer, Holistic Therapist,
Visionary Artist, Aspiring Human Being,

I have dedicated this site to Love, Light and Peace as inspiration for us all to make liberating Quantum Leaps – big or small – with the intention that we become better at creating a Loving and Peaceful World.

With Love,

HeleneMarie ♥

1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Helene Marie
    I have just read your world peace web site. It is wonderful and I thank God and the Angels for you, and for sharing your journey to peace and understanding. It echos so many of my own thoughts and questions over the course of my life. I look forward to communicating and sharing the love and peace.
    Much love
    Linda Kilshaw

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