Love is Love

Love is the purest element available to human kind.

Love is Absolute: Love is not something else as well as being Love. Something else is not Love. Love is not God – God is not Love; God is different things to different people. Love is Love.

Love is Absolute: Just as you cannot be a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead,  Love is not Love a little, or a lot. Love is not Love some of the time; Love is continuously Love.

Love is not Oxytocin: The human being is an amazing invention. We get to exist in the shape of incredible bodies that are designed to cooperate in order to survive and ensure the continued survival of the human species. This includes bonding hormones that help parents protect and care for their children as well as helping us being able to establish useful and nourishing relationships by fulfilling basic needs. It helps us caring about somebody and liking somebody. And our human design features can help human beings achieve physical intimacy, a feeling of worth, a sense of belonging and the experience of falling in love. This is all a very important part of being a human being – that can be very precious – and this is all possible without Love being shared or exchanged.

Every human being is born loveable: Loving and being loved is our birth-right. We are all loveable – always have been; always will be. Every human being is born with the knowledge of Love. We are all able to love. Love cannot be bought, Love cannot be owned and Love cannot be earned – you don’t even have to ‘qualify’ by learning to love yourself first; you are loveable simply because you were born as a human being.

Nothing that happens, or does not happen, can make you unloveable: Every human being is loveable at all times. Love is freely available to every human being at all times. Human beings can live happy lives without being loved by another human being. We do not need another human being to prove to us that we are loveable.

You do not have to love anybody; Nobody has to love you.

Love cannot be used: Love cannot be used to prove somebody’s worth. Love cannot be used to satisfy somebody’s need. Love cannot be used.

Love is not forgiveness: Love cannot absolve evil – human beings can choose to stop creating evil, and learn to love instead.

Love cannot exist between human beings where truth is absent: You are not capable of loving somebody unless you honour them for exactly who they are – otherwise it is not them that you love; it is the lie or illusion that you have created about them, or it is the lie or illusion that they have created about themself, that you like.

Love cannot exist between human beings where truth is absent: You are not capable of loving somebody if you treat them with anti-love or non-love – then you are only using them to wipe off your own incompetence, pain, fear, anger and various needs on them.

Love thrives between human beings when it is being exchanged and shared in a continuous flow.

When Love is present, only truth is shared, each human being is treasured; each human being is honoured, human lives are lived – not merely survived.

Love cannot hurt. Love cannot be tough. Love cannot be crazy. Love can only cause Love.

Love is Love

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© March, 2017 – HeleneMarie ♥

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