Love is Love

Love is the purest element available to human kind.

Love is Absolute: Love is not something else as well as being Love. Something else is not Love. Love is not God – God is not Love; God is different things to different people. Love is Love.

Love is Absolute: Just as you cannot be a little bit pregnant or a little bit dead,  Love is not Love a little, or a lot. Love is not Love some of the time; Love is continuously Love.

Love is not Oxytocin: The human being is an amazing invention. We get to exist in the shape of incredible bodies that are designed to cooperate in order to survive and ensure the continued survival of the human species. This includes bonding hormones that help parents protect and care for their children as well as helping us being able to establish useful and nourishing relationships by fulfilling basic needs. It helps us caring about somebody and liking somebody. And our human design features can help human beings achieve physical intimacy, a feeling of worth, a sense of belonging and the experience of falling in love. This is all a very important part of being a human being – that can be very precious – and this is all possible without Love being shared or exchanged.

Every human being is born loveable: Loving and being loved is our birth-right. We are all loveable – always have been; always will be. Every human being is born with the knowledge of Love. We are all able to love. Love cannot be bought, Love cannot be owned and Love cannot be earned – you don’t even have to ‘qualify’ by learning to love yourself first; you are loveable simply because you were born as a human being.

Nothing that happens, or does not happen, can make you unloveable: Every human being is loveable at all times. Love is freely available to every human being at all times. Human beings can live happy lives without being loved by another human being. We do not need another human being to prove to us that we are loveable.

You do not have to love anybody; Nobody has to love you.

Love cannot be used: Love cannot be used to prove somebody’s worth. Love cannot be used to satisfy somebody’s need. Love cannot be used.

Love is not forgiveness: Love cannot absolve evil – human beings can choose to stop creating evil, and learn to love instead.

Love cannot exist between human beings where truth is absent: You are not capable of loving somebody unless you honour them for exactly who they are – otherwise it is not them that you love; it is the lie or illusion that you have created about them, or it is the lie or illusion that they have created about themself, that you like.

Love cannot exist between human beings where truth is absent: You are not capable of loving somebody if you treat them with anti-love or non-love – then you are only using them to wipe off your own incompetence, pain, fear, anger and various needs on them.

Love thrives between human beings when it is being exchanged and shared in a continuous flow.

When Love is present, only truth is shared, each human being is treasured; each human being is honoured, human lives are lived – not merely survived.

Love cannot hurt. Love cannot be tough. Love cannot be crazy. Love can only cause Love.

Love is Love

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© March, 2017 – HeleneMarie ♥

Anyone for World Peace – I mean, we all want World Peace – Yes?

We Are All Connected
For quite sometime now once a month I have joined the hundreds and thousands of human beings around our World for World Meditation Day (Hour), where all our attention is focused on World Peace.

In order to better manifest peace for all, I have adopted the practice of filling my entire being with love and peace, resulting in the feeling of being love and peace, and meditating on the feeling that our world is already healed and is now at peace – as opposed to trying to send love and peace around the world. The reason for this Heart centred practice is based on something we have always known and which was scientifically proven several decades ago; that we are all connected by an unseen field or matrix, and not only are we connected, but our physical, emotional and spiritual health (how we are feeling and thinking, in every moment, which is based on our past experiences and current belief system) is influenced by our environment, and we are affecting and influencing the environment of ourselves and everyone and every thing on this planet with the condition of our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Core Beliefs Working Against World Peace
At a recent World Meditation Day, I was joined by two of my dear friends who have also walked their spiritually conscious path for a long time.

During meditation I looked up and saw a gold string, consisting of gold coloured photons, reaching far far out from my Crown Chakra, out to what looked like a highly intensified gold light energy centre. From this light centre gold strings reached out to every gold light centre of every human being on this planet. I saw that the gold photon string was reaching through our Crown Chakra and anchored into our Heart Chakras and I felt absolute love for our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants.

Following the meditation we shared what we had individually experienced during our meditation time and then conversation developed to more general spiritual development topics. During discussion one of my friends remarked that “the only way we are able to truly learn and develop is through suffering – and that is the truth”. I was so disappointed and I must admit that my reaction was far from calm and collected, as I believed that we had just meditated together for world peace with the aim of ending all suffering and here was my dear friend with a core belief that worked exactly against what we were trying to achieve.

I do know this belief very well as I used to own it myself. I had adopted it in my late teens in order to make sense of a childhood riddled with abuse and fear. I have since met many fellow spiritually conscious path walkers with exactly the same belief.

Some of us follow specific religions that suggests; life can be full of suffering, that we have to do our best being good, and that we may earn ‘points’ from experiencing extreme pain and suffering which may secure us ‘speedy boarding’ in to Heaven when our time comes. And then when we do die and do go to Heaven we will be free of suffering and all will be well.

Then there are those of us who adopt a little from the major world religions and other belief systems that embrace the idea that; suffering is unavoidable or necessary, that we have chosen our painful experiences before we entered this dimension in order to learn certain lessons via various soul contracts, that the law of Karma will entice us to keep returning to this dimension for more lessons, and that we just need to take responsibility for our own lives and the way in which we deal with these experiences, and by accepting that this is how life is, we help ourselves to eventually find peace.

We adopt belief systems as tools, many of which are useful, so that we can make sense of an often cruel world in order to help ourselves survive, commit to our life here and even thrive. However it makes me wonder how many of the world’s vast community of spiritually conscious path walkers, longing for world peace, have adopted tools that keep us from reaching just that.

When I shared my thoughts with another friend she reminded me about another belief, the ‘Everything that happens in the World is Perfect belief’, that subscribes to the understanding that every experience is love, that we are perfect as who and what we are and what we do to each other, and that this dimension and ‘Earth Drama’ is just an illusion anyway. I know this one very well too as I still own this belief and I have most recently reminded myself during my last ‘heart stampede experience’ when a relationship turned out to be another painful version of my previous relationships; that it was just another Earth Drama and it was really all love on a higher level. We aspire to powerful quotes such as“…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Shakespeare), and I have at times found myself almost bullying my human self with a “well you actually asked for it yourself so do not feel sorry for yourself… know it will be far more useful to work on your breathing, do some positive affirmations and work on letting go, ‘just be’ and accepting ‘what is’ instead of resisting”.

Honouring our Human Self
This made me feel a little sad and it struck me that in order to make sense of and survive our painful experiences, we can at times dismiss our own and others pain with self-soothing ‘spiritually correct Higher Self doctrine’. And often we perhaps do not manage to honour our human experience and human needs for wanting to feel love and live in a peaceful world – this world. And I do mean the kind of love that actually feels like love. Not the kind we meditate our way to but cannot sustain all the time, or the kind you catch a brief glimpse of during a victorious moment where you find yourself wishing somebody love instead of reacting to their aggressive outburst, or the kind you read about and think that this feels true. But the kind that many children are longing for right now, instead of having ‘out of body’ experiences to escape from abuse or bravely avoiding the bullets of their war ridden home country. The kind of love and peace that every hurting human being feels is possible deep inside their own beautiful heart.

Learning through Love
Now please do not be afraid, I am not asking you to abandon your chosen religion or dismantle your entire belief system and I am most definitely not saying that we should stop aspiring to becoming the best we can be. We absolutely must continue to heal and develop. Somebody once said that ‘a belief is merely a stagnated thought’, and I feel we need to check if our stagnated thoughts have turned into a positive belief system, which we can continue to heal and develop from whilst creating a loving and peaceful World, despite whether it was founded in religion or science.

So for now, I am merely asking you to consider, just initially for a while – to lay down your tools.

Then stand back and take stock. When I did just that a few years ago, I found, to my surprise, that I had one of those handy tools lying around that say that “ world peace is just a nice but naïve and really unobtainable dream only reserved for beauty pageant queens. It turned out to be one of those useful multi-tools that come with one of those really clever attachments stating that “duality is a must and that we have to experience ‘bad’ in order to recognise ‘good’ ”. It was accompanied by the fear of being perceived as childish for genuinely wanting World Peace and dismissed as ‘one of those New Age nutters’. I would suggest you check if you have any pro-suffering/anti-peace belief tools lying around as well and then consider if you still really need them, keeping in mind, that world peace is not possible if we continue to believe that bad and evil is necessary or unavoidable and that we have to suffer.

The great thing about belief tools is that they can easily be recycled and do not come with any environmental health restrictions such as guilt trips or similar ego-trips. All you have to do is to thank yourself for finding the useful tools that helped you become who you are and getting to where you are now, and then the tool will revert into the good intentions it was created from in the first place.

I would suggest that you consider showing your children and everybody you meet that soul contract lessons/or life can be experienced though love (the kind that feels like love) whilst knowing that you – you with your amazing Ego and Higher Self, in your incredible human body with your unique beautiful heart – are always doing your very best.

Low Self Worth and Right to Love
Now, loving and being loved is our birth-right. We are all lovable. We are all able to love. It cannot be earned. You don’t even have to ‘qualify’ by learning to love yourself first. It simply comes automatically as part of the packet with being born into this dimension. But if you belong to the rather large group of people that don’t really feel that you have the right to learn through love and let go of suffering, then you may find it a bit tricky to let go of any belief tools that subscribe to the necessity of suffering. Here I would suggest that you appeal to your natural sense of compassion and ask yourself if you believe that everybody else in the world has the right to learn through love and I suspect that you will get an easy “Yes” to that question. Then check within if you by pure logic can accept that you standing there alone in front of the entire world’s population, also has the right to learn through love too – knowing that everybody else would feel deep compassion for you and wishing that you do not have to suffer anymore.

See if you can over-ride all your past experiences that diminished your self-worth and which ‘heart-and-brain-washed’ you into believing that you were meant to suffer and see if you, with your compassionate self, can take a step forward towards making the decision that, from this day forward you choose to believe that we all have the right to learn through love alone – including you.

Degrees of Suffering
If you ask someone how much it hurts, on a scale of 1 to 10, when we inflict some type of physical pain, they would quickly be able to give us a number. If we ask how much it hurt when their partner left them for another person, they would probably also be able to describe the pain to some degree. Yet we are unable to measure physical and emotional pain and conclude which is greater when comparing it with a fellow human being’s experience of suffering. We all measure suffering from our own individual body and mind and what one person would class as a 4 on the pain scale, another person would class as a 10. For some, it may be difficult to visualise a world with no suffering at all – from heart ache to sexual abuse and torture – for example, some would say;“…surely we could cope with heart ache if we could get rid of torture…?” So instead of spending valuable time on trying to agree on which type of pain that would be classified as ‘real suffering’ I would suggest we simply believe in Peace – and then see what happens.

A Roundabout Hypothesis
We could throw in the ‘Roundabout Hypothesis’ that if we simply feel at peace with all the suffering (accepting suffering as necessary or unavoidable and therefore ‘perfect’), then we would still arrive at a peaceful world.

For many years, I strived to make peace with suffering. I had to, because otherwise it did not fit with my belief that all the suffering is merely life lessons, pre-arranged via soul contracts and so ‘it is all meant to happen’ in order to progress each soul on their Karma spiral. I also found great comfort in believing that all the suffering I had experienced had not been in vain.

It is not enough to merely like the idea of simply being at peace with all the suffering around us – it is something that cannot be forced and something we have to arrive at naturally. For most of us it takes a near-death experience or a whole life time to reach that ’super eureka ultimate state’, of feeling completely at peace with who you are, wherever you are and whatever happens to you and everybody else in every moment of your life. And for those who have achieved making peace with suffering, I am not sure if that involves ignoring or removing themselves from the various horror moments taking place around our World, and I am not sure if they would remain blissfully peaceful if one of those horror moments should happen to one of their nearest and dearest and simply remain in a state of peace and compassion at that point.

By making peace with suffering you allow suffering to continuously manifest. So while you may have found a safe corner of the World feeling blissfully at peace with suffering, somebody out there has to endure it.

And I do not know about you, but I have had to concede that I cannot ever find constant peace as long as children, women and men are being abused, raped, tortured and killed every minute of the day. So, I would suggest that instead of spending a whole lifetime striving for ultimate self-mastery of making peace with suffering – let us instead spend our lifetime simply creating and living in true peace.

The Consequence
I very much doubt that our world economy, currently founded on suffering, such as war, sex trade, debt and drugs, will finally fully collapse when we found it on Peace. The human race is very clever and I have every faith in our continued survival and development because, through choosing Peace, we will activate our naturally wired state of co-operating instead of competing.

I also very much doubt that the consequence of this will be a world saturated with confused and disgruntled souls arriving into Dimension Earth, thinking they have come here to suffer and standing there at the ‘Dimension Earth check-in desk’ shouting; “I signed up to cold and heartless parents, cruel siblings, bullying children at school, 5 nasty bosses, 4 unbearable body ailments, mould ridden over priced homes, endless financial debt, 1 natural disaster and 12 painful relationships – only mitigated by my good sense of humour, ability to always see the silver lining and being blessed with close and caring friendships – and this is what I get instead – Heaven on Earth?!! – now that is simply not good enough, I demand you call ‘Management up there’ immediately and resolve the matter”.

One of my beliefs, that I intend to keep for a while longer, is that we have our free will and if we want to live in a loving and peaceful world, we can choose to become better at learning and teaching lessons through love. However, to realise this we need to mobilise as many People, Mentshn, Earth Angels, Light-Knights, Wizards, Goddesses and Light-Workers as possible in order to start gathering some urgently needed momentum.

So how about it, what do you say – Anyone for World Peace? If you prefer World Peace to suffering and you have decided to join us and manage to tune in to ‘being love and peace for our world’, now, or perhaps a few moments or minutes a day, or at the next World Meditation Day, you will find me with light in my heart and banner in hand saying ‘World Love and Peace Now’.

With Love,